Interview with Dave Toole

Last week I was joining Stopgap Dance Company for a short week of training and this was also the time to exchange ideas about how to reach the next generation of dancers. In the time I was in Farnham Dance Renegades started and found a shape to start with.

On friday I was joining Lucy Bennett and Dave Toole with their research on Bill & Bobby. After spending some time on creative learning tasks and spending a full hour with Dave in the bathtub, (for the Bill & Bobby task ofcourse), it was time for me to impulsivly start the first interview for Dance Renegades with Dave.

Lucy and I just decided and discussed that it would be nice to give some respect to all those people that helped us during our dance practice. This is called and named by Lucy as the Arts Angel. Probably I just shared a bathtub with an Arts Angel, therefore it was the time to have an one to one conversation with Dave. Ofcourse we knew and worked with each other when the dance production Artiticial Things was made last year, but I never dared to ask questions about his career. In a way this was a strange thought, because he is a famous dancer and everyone knows him from DV8! Why do I not know more about him?

Well, now I know more, however there are still many questions to ask. Maybe you will meet him one day and you can ask them by your self. I hope you enjoy the first Arts Angel Interview! You can find it on the Arts Angel Interview page.

Enjoy, Joop

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