Platform K

In August Integrance came together and last weekend George Adams rehearsed with the Platform-K dancers in Ghent. Dance Renegades interviewed Inge and Frauke from Platform-K in Glasgow, but also visited them this weekend in Ghent.


Platform K is a small collective that facilitates dance classes and workshops for dancers with a disability. You could say it’s a dance work space.  For Integrance a couple of dancers where selected, but the group of participants coming to classes and workshops varies. Last month one of their big projects The Beast In The Jungle in collaboration with KIP went in primiere.  For more information have a look at the website

In February all companies that are part of Integrance come together in Ghent  to work on the performance. This week George was enchanted by Lizy’s glitters and made some material for the beginning and ending of the piece. In the interview Platform K talks about integrance and their organisation.

Have fun, Joop

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