Dance Renegade Chris Pavia

I started dancing at the age of 16, when I was at an SEN high school. We did all sorts of theatre and music, but the reason I liked dance is because I was inspired by the film Billy Elliot. I loved his tap dancing, his tap was intense and emotional and I wanted to dance like him. He was a role model to me, it was then that I decided I wanted to be a dancer.

I first met stopgap when they came and did a workshop at my school. When I left school I was invited to be an apprentice at Stopgap. Being an apprentice was very fun! I felt it was going somewhere, but it wasn’t always easy. I remember learning a piece called corpus and I felt it was the hardest piece I could ever do. I didn’t learn as quick as the other dancers did, but I knew I had to take my time and learn it slowly. With patience and practice my confidence grew and I got all of the choreography. the other dancers were really supportive of my process, this helped to make a great show! It is really important for me to have an understanding team that really work together and know each others bodies. that’s how you make to make inspiring choreography.

Now I’m a professional dancer! We tour all round the world. I like touring and its interesting to go to new places, I like the different scenery and to see whats happening in the world. I have been to Japan, New York and Switzerland just to name a few! We also have a emerging company Sg 2 and I have worked with them on an outdoor piece ‘The Awakening’. So now I am a choreographer aswell! My favourite thing is seeing new dance talent and that gives me the inspiration to keep dancing! I hope I inspire people to dance too!

Chris Pavia