importance of support in practice

Today i would like to give some attention to all the support workers, acces workers & volunteers that help us in class but also during recidenties and tours around the country. I have been away with several companies now, and I am always suprised of what is asked of me as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. My job is already so wide and sometimes vague in its content. However, how would this be for a support worker? We need the help in class so urgently, because otherwise we can’t reach for a higher goal. Also everyone in a creative practice diserves some extra attention. I cannot do this job without the help of a support worker, volunteer or acces worker. Nevertheless, at the same time we and the organisations we work for ask a lot from the support workers that are around.

Sometimes I have been in the role of a volunteer and it feels very natural to me. I am okay with doing it. In some situations I wished i was payed for the work I do. A lot of circumstances make me think that way, and I do think its fair to think that sometimes. Mostly its when work becomes to much and there is no time for me as a dance practitioner to develop. However, now a days my roll changed and I start to need more volunteers and support workers in my own practice. Often I feel I am forgetting them during class or that I do not give them enough of my gratitude. However, this is a personal notion.

Ofcourse there is a difference between the volunteer and the support jobs. Mostly because one is payed and the other one is not. However, does that mean that we cannot be thankful to both? Even though someone is payed to help you we can show our gratitude. From my perspective the support job in class or outside the studio’s goes often beyond the ‘payments’. Ofcourse the payment is importance because it gives you as a person value, and much more then that. But it is a job were thin lines between work and non-work are often broken because its so easy to ask from your employee. Or imagine during a collaboration with other oganisations. Every organisation does it differently and sometimes therefor you take on extra duties during lunch or in your free time.

As I write this blog from my own perspective I am very curious about how someone in this position thinks about it. Please contact us send us a e-mail!

Best, Joop