Tomos Young in Norway

Still there are not enough inclusive dance groups around. In the future we hope that this is not needed any more. However, for 2016 we have good news. Tomos Young is setting up a new group in Norway. He gives a insight into his new journey.

I thought I would share a little insight into my journey so far in establishing an inclusive dance group in Haugesund, Norway. I first got involved in inclusive arts almost 5years ago, when i was offered to take part in Stopgap dance company’s Spun Productions. A completely brand new experience, i had never been in contact with this art form prior, and when i first spoken to about it, it was extremely attractive, i did what all dancers do when joining or wishing to join a company, i searched for the company’s work and footage.

It was just fantastic to watch, and i was really looking forward to meeting Stopgap’s company members. My first day came, the group made me feel so welcome and at home, i loved the process and we performed throughout the summer. It was quite disappointing when it was the end of the tour, however i joined Chris Pavia’s process for captured by the dark. This was different all over, working with a choreographer with a learning disability, again new to me, but i felt myself drawn more and more and was wanting to learn more and more about the inclusive practice. And then, i was offered a full time position, and from there i have been able to grow and develop not only my dancing but also my teaching in an inclusive way. Everyday, was an inspiration, never was there a dull moment, always something new happening,dancing with some really wonderful and beautiful dancers, sharing a philosophy that just transcends.

I have since left the UK, and over to Norway, where I am looking to develop a passion that has really flourished inside of me, to bring the arts to each and everyone, and offer an opportunity for all to move and be creative regardless of abilities. The focus being upon individual development and growth through dance and movement.

I am currently in the final stage of setting up the first inclusive dance group in Haugesund, after several workshops, many hours of presentations, proposal drafts and submissions, I am at a point where I can say that January 2016 will be the beginning of inclusive dance in Haugesund. there is a lot of sports that are available in Haugesund in an inclusive format, however, the arts have been left behind and the belief isn’t there that this work is possible, of course we know, nothing is impossible and everyone should have the chance to be able to enjoy and grow as an artist regardless of our abilities, so through nurturing, dedication and time, my intention is to open this door to this world that has already given me so much.

The group is set to open during the first week of January 2016! Come and dance…!

Tomos Young
Photgrapher: Jamie Morgans