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At the beginning of September 2010, I started to work with Stopgap Dance Company as their apprentice dancer in Sg2. Sg2 is a emerging artists group of trained dancers learning about being a professional dancer. 

From 2010, I’ve was working closely with Anna Pearce who was my mentor at the time. I was her teaching assistant and learnt a lot from her. At that stage, my main role was to observe and help out in workshops and the Youth Group. We performed together in Shadowed Voices choreographed by Chris Pavia and with the main team Spun Productions. What I’ve learnt from Chris on his first piece was the research and development was on his ideas based around on the concept. 

From September 2012, Tomos Young started to work with Stopgap as a freelance guest artist to participate in workshops and productions. He then started working with us as a full-time dancer to work as Nadenh’s access worker. I learnt a lot from him about travelling independently on the underground around London. At the end of  February 2013, Siobhan Hayes had started working with the company as Sg2’s Creative Learning Manager. As Sg2’s creative learning manager, she teaches, choreographs and mentors Nadenh and I. From June 2013, Nadenh had came from Cambodia to work in Surrey with the company as a wheelchair trained dancer.

Chris Parkes

Chris Parkes

I have been in a number of performances working with the main team and other guest artists in Gleam Clean, Tracking, Captured by the Dark, The Awakening, Exhibition and Seafarers. When performing these indoor/outdoor performances, I’ve been to Albania, France, Wales, Aylesbury and around the UK. 

I enjoyed teaching our Youth Company as their support teaching assistant. The other thing I enjoyed was going to Albania with the main team and Anna, which I had to perform Shadowed Voices which was something that I have learnt about working abroad. I also enjoyed learning from the main team dancers choreographing on Sg2 and SG as part of Shadowed Voices, Exhibition, Spun Productions and Seafarers. Learning from the SG dancers, I choreographed a duet piece last summer on two dancers Kat Ball and Sophie Stanley. This piece was called The Calling of You. 


Recently from being part of Sg2, I got the offer from an email saying that I had a confirmation to work as a professional dancer. When I found out from the email, I was ecstatic by the thought of being the main team. Recently from being on the graduate scheme into the main team, I’ve been currently working and touring with Tim Casson, an external choreographer on his work ‘Night at the Theatre’ with Nadenh Poan and Connor Quill. Now being part of the main team, we are currently working in progress on a new creation called The Enormous Room which is choreographed by Lucy Bennett. This piece will be on tour in the summer onwards from 2017.

I am looking forward to that!