Unmute Dance – Cape Town

A small introduction about Unmute Dance

In Semptember 2015 I walked the beautiful Artscape Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa. I had heard through the grapevine that there would be a performance, but having no idea who, what and how.

The piece began with one dancer on stage. Breathtaking I watched the dancer seemed to float without legs over the stage. It turned out to be a representation of an inclusive dance company. Me, myself was in Cape Town to set up classes in the community for people with learing disabilities and I found it difficult to find something about Equalaty in dance. because I was new I didn’t know it existed in Cape Town. And then suddenly in that beautiful theater, an inspiring example of how it is possible. Great dancers, great piece and beautiful music. It is remarkable that in a society like Cape Town has an integrated dance company composed with such a high level. This because the city has  lots of discord and separation.  I think they definitely add something to the community and city. To create more equality within the community via dance. A first step in what they certainly have achieved is respect of the dance world. The performance was completely sold out and the comments from the audience were full of praise.

Unmute started a professional dance company in 2013. The company wants to inspire and seek more inclusion in the community. This by providing representation and working in the community. The group consists of dancers with and without disabilities and is the first and only inclusion dance company in South Africa. They are becoming more successful and are known throughout South Africa. The company and its dancers are not based on physical limitations, they look for opportunities. This in dance, especially modern and contemporary african and physical theater. Look for ability in stead of seeing the diss ability. Having a disability does not make any person a less human or less capable.

Manouk Schrauwen