Related Companies

Amici Dance Theatre Company, UK
is a dance theatre company integrating able bodied and disabled artists and performers, based in London.

Braena, UK
Is an interdisciplinary Performance Company based in the North East of England.

Anjali Dance Company, UK
is a professional contemporary dance company based in Oxfordshire. All Anjali’s dancers have a learning disability.
Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company, UK

is an inclusive community dance company, based in England’s West Midlands, providing performance, education and training for disabled and non-disabled people of all ages.

CandoCo Dance Company, UK
is an integrated professional dance company with extensive performance and education programmes, based in London.

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre, UK
is a Cultural Performing Company, based in Liverpool, who work with sign language, dance and physical theatre, to create accessible performances.

Corali Dance Company, UK
is a professional performance group made up of adults with learning disabilities, based in London.

DanceFX, UK
an inclusive contemporary dance company based in Cheshire offering young dancers with and without disabilities the chance to come together through workshops and performances.

is a not-for-profit integrated dance company, based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire offering a programme of performance, education and outreach work for people of all abilities and ages.

Green Candle Dance Company, UK
A dance company based in London. Key strands include Deaf & Dancing, with deaf young people, and Older & Dancing, which reaches many disabled older people.

High Spin Dance Theatre Company, UK
is a Dance Theatre Company based in Brighton. There are six learning disabled dancers in the company.

Indepen-dance, SCT
Glasgow based company specialising in dance performance projects, predominately for adults with learning disabilities and their carers.

Lantern Dance Theatre, UK
an integrated dance company from Ely, Cambridgeshire, who work to integrate dancers with and without disabilities through dance theatre classes and projects.

Magpie, UK
is an inclusive dance company for people with and without learning disabilities and is based in Bromley, Kent.

Shallal Dance Theatre, UK
is an inclusive community dance theatre company, based in Penwith, Cornwall, and provides performance and skills training opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

Touchdown Dance, Uk
is a dance company with a specialism in visual disability, based in Manchester.

Tardis Dance Company, UK
c/o east London

Graeae Theatre Company, UK
Touring company theatre for people with physical and sensory impairements

Stopgap Dance company, UK
Integrated dance company for professional dancers also they provide dance courses and education for dancers and teachers

Velcro Integrated Dance Company, UK

SignDance Collective, UK

DIN A 13 Tanzcompany, DE
Gerda Konig

HandiCapace Tanz Kompanie, DE
Kunstzentrum Karlkasere

HORA Theater, DE
Theatre Company

Theater Thikwa, DE

Bergedorfer Impuls, DE

Tanzbar Bremen, DE
Dance Collective

Groupe Signe, FR
Christine Molina

Oiseau Mouche, FR

International Breakdance Crew with no limits

Ookfijn & Co, NL 
Theatre company in Groningen

Theater Maatwerk, NL
Theatre company in Rotterdam

Rotterdams centrum voor Theater RCTH, NL
Cultuurhuis Delfshaven

DOT Belevingstheater, NL

Theater de Garage, NL

Theater Totaal, NL

MOMO Theaterwerkplaats, NL

Stichting Prisma Amsterdam, NL

Theater de Lachende Zon, NL

Theatergroep Spring, NL

Theatergezelschap Eskalibur, NL

Rock & Rollstoel producties, NL

Circus Elleboog, NL

Theatergroep PLUBO, NL

Sansville Utrecht, NL

Theater Tiuri, NL
Theatre company in Breda

Platform K, BE
Dance workspace in Gent for dansers with a disability

Theater Tartaar, BE
Theatre company for actors with a disability

Theater STAP, BE

Tutti Fratelli, BE
Social, cultural  inclusive workspace in Antwerp, BE


International companies

Vertigo Dance Company, ISR

MUSE company, JA
organise community dance workshops and performances, tokyo

The Buen Viaje Dancers, NM,USA

Dancing Wheels, US

Remix Dance Company, South Africa

Restless Dance Company, AUS

Touch Compass Dance Company, New Zealand






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