What is a ‘Dance Renegade’?

Dance Renegades are those dancers whose different physicalities, different perspectives and alternative expressions have wrestled with conventional dance styles and therefore have fueled the inclusive dance world. Here we pay tribute to the experienced and the emerging disabled dance artist.

The dance teacher with Down’s syndrome BBC
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Siobhan Hayes about Stopgap’s yought group

Platform K about Integrance in Glasgow

George Adams about Integrance in Glasgow

Chris Pavia about the Awakening

Interview with SG2 dancer Nadehn Poan

Interview with Joop Oonk

Tanja Erhart

Alice Sheppard

Physically Being Me

Beth’s Story

Tommy Guns Ly

Mary Verdi-Fletcher

Axis Dance Company

Beyond Technique

Why do I dance?

DanceAble 2011

DanceAble Holland-Dance



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